We all have times in life where we could use a little support. 

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Could your communication be better?

  • build skills to talk about tough topics

  • identify patterns that keep you stuck

  • learn how to ask for what you need

Want to enhance your intimacy?

  • build connection with each other

  • show each other love in the ways that have the most impact

Trying to navigate relationship stressors?

  • cope with health & mental health issues effectively

  • recover from a breakdown in trust


Do you wish your sex life was more enjoyable?

Are things pretty good but could be even better?

Are you experiencing sexual difficulties?

  • 50% of women report challenges such as reduced sexual desire, sexual pain and difficulty with orgasm.

  • 20% of men in their 40s experience erection problems, and this increases by 10% with every decade of life.


Sex therapy can help address physiological sexual problems as well as teach you skills to enhance your sexual experiences and communicate with partner(s) about your preferences.

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Wild Path


  • Feeling a bit down lately and nothing seems to lift your spirits?

  • Are you struggling with anxiety and keeping up with expectations?

  • Going through a difficult transition like parenthood, divorce or health complications?

  • Are you looking for spiritual development and someone to challenge you to grow?


I can help you manage all of these things and more.

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