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Lauren Walker, PhD

Registered Clinical Psychologist 

I love helping couples and individuals enhance their intimate relationships and sexual lives. I'm a therapist, researcher, author and entrepreneur. I translate science about sexuality in practical ways and am passionate about about reducing stigma about sexuality and mental health.


After obtaining my PhD in Clinical Psychology in in 2013, I completed a specialized clinical fellowship in sexual dysfunction after cancer treatment, receiving mentorship from nationally recognized experts in sexual medicine.  I also direct the Oncology Sexual Health Lab at the University of Calgary and  am an Adjunct Associate Professor. I was recognized with Calgary's Avenue Magazine's Top 40 Under 40 award for my work developing innovative sexual health programs for cancer patients. I have written over 50 scientific publications on the topic of cancer and sex. 

Though I'm not sure the "perfect balance" really exists, I try to find balance in my career, and in being a wife and mother. I love skiing, golfing, and working out; listening to music; and enjoying food with friends.

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