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Kensington Village 1

1982 Kensington Rd NW

Unit #221


Directions inside the building:

The office is located on the second floor near the back of the building, so once up the stairs, turn right and keep on walking down the hallway until you get to the end. Unfortunately, the space does not have an elevator, so you will have to use to the stairs.

Waiting areas: 

There is a small waiting area directly outside the office. If we are in session when you arrive (up until 10 minutes before the hour), we will exit through the same space. If you prefer more privacy, you may opt to wait in your car, or in an additional waiting area in the larger upstairs lobby until 2 minutes before your appointment time before going into the seating area outside the office. 

Parking options:

The parking lot out front has a decent number of stalls but they are tight, so if you drive a bigger vehicle you may prefer street parking.  There is free 2 hour parking in the community, along 19th Street or further down on Kensington Road. 

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