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Dr. Lauren Walker - Registered Clinical Psychologist 

A topic few are comfortable talking about, sexuality is my speciality and relationships are my passion

I love working with couples and individuals who are interested in enhancing their intimate relationships and sexual lives. I'm a therapist, researcher, author and entrepreneur. I translate science about sexuality into real life, and to help people grow in the areas of sexuality, intimacy, relationships and self-care (check out my instagram). I am passionate about reducing stigma associated with sexuality, mental health and health.


After I completed my PhD in 2013, I completed a specialized clinical fellowship in sexual dysfunction after cancer treatment. I received mentorship from nationally recognized experts in sexual medicine.

I recently received Calgary's Avenue Magazine's Top 40 Under 40 award. This prestigious award distinguishes recipients as rising stars; high achievers who are impacting their field and the broader community, and who are moving the city of Calgary forward.


I have developed several innovative sexual health programs for cancer patients and I also direct the Oncology Sexual Health Lab at the University of Calgary. There I am on faculty as an Adjunct Associate Professor where I conduct research on sexuality. I have over 40 scientific publications on the topic of cancer and sexuality and am co-author of a book for prostate cancer patients - Androgen Deprivation Therapy: A Guide for Prostate Cancer Patients and Their Loved Ones.

Though I'm not sure the "perfect balance" really exists, I try to balance my career, with being a wife and also a mom to a vibrant toddler. I love skiing, golf, and working out, listening to music, and enjoying food with my friends.

Whether you are experiencing sexual difficulties or simply want to enhance your sex life or intimate relationship - I can help!

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